Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Teppei Syokudo (Takashimaya)

Went to Teppei Syokudo at Takashimaya which provides only take-aways. I heard a lot of good reviews about it so I brought Ed with me to try.

Kaisendon "Bara Chirashi" ($16)- Big chunks of marinated raw fish with sushi rice. The marinate was not really to my liking as it was too salty. What I did like was the texture of the fish which was firmer than your usual sashimi (most likely cause of the marinate). I was kinda disappointed about it. For me, non marinated raw fish is better or maybe a less salty marinate. 

Kaisendon "Bara Chirashi": 6/10 ☺

Monday, April 3, 2017


Went to dine at Idealite with gf cause gf likes to eat healthy. 

Here they focus on providing vegetarian food that is healthy, nutritious and tasty at the same time. Say good bye to your usual vegetarian food that is sometimes more harmful then non vegetarian food.

They had a new item on the menu which was this steamboat which comes with a bowl of brown rice. 3 different soup base to choose from which I cant remember. I had the Pumpkin Miso soup (Around $15 plus) Creamy pumpkin with the slightly nutty and umami taste of the miso went very well together. The soup had enoki mushroom, tofu, seaweed, pumpkin, carrot, oyster mushroom, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, red cabbage and some green leafy vegetable. Love the green leafy vegetable the most as it had soaked up the soup while dislike the pumpkin and carrot which were still hard. 

Provence Tempura Mushroom ($7.90)- Fresh eryngii mushroom with high protein, vitamin B and minerals. Sprinkled with Provencal spices. Whatever those Provencal spices are, they sure are flavorful and sort of addictive. This is definitely a must try dish when you go there! 

Also from now till 15 April if you go to their facebook page and screenshot this post you can get a free dessert. 

Pumpkin Miso: 7/10 ☺
Provence Tempura Mushroom: 9/10 ☺

Monday, July 4, 2016

Hyde & Co

Gf brought me to Hyde & Co for lunch.

The Big Ben ($17 candied turkey bacon/ $21 smoked salmon)- Mushroom duxelle, poached eggs, chipotle, hollandaise, served on a brioche toast. I chose the candied turkey bacon, it taste a lot less smokey then your usual bacon and it was slightly sweet. Duxelle is a paste made with mushrooms, onions, herbs and sauted in butter. It helped give moisture to the toast along with the hollandaise sauce. The egg was disappointing, it was overcooked. The garnish felt quite out of place. Potatao was well cooked.

Ondeh Ondeh French Toast ($12)- Brioche french toast, grated pandan coconut, gula melaka sauce, vanilla bean ice cream. Thick slice of toast with bits of  grated cocnut, chocolate chips, rich gula melaka sauce and creamy cool vanilla ice cream. Felt that the toast was a little too thick so it was quite dry but luckily there was the ice cream that helped give it moisture. This was one filing dessert.

If you're not a bread person like myself I would recommend you to dine during dinner time instead of lunch.

The Big Ben: 6/10 ☺
Ondeh Ondeh French Toast: 6/10 ☺

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Senmi Sushi

Went to Senmi Sushi with Ed cause I wanted to eat Chirashi don.

Here you can create you own chirashi don which is a bowl of rice topped with seafood and vegetables.

Here is our creation ($22). We added Ikura, Chutoro and Amaebi. It was really good. The sashimi was quite fresh and went well with the sushi rice, seaweed and (my favourite) ikura! But if you're too lazy to create one you can just go for their standard chirashi don which can be found in their menu.

Uni, Hamachi and Ebi Fry Bomb ($22). Deep fried coated prawns wrapped in seaweed and sushi rice with yellowtail fish topped with uni, spring onions and yellow flowers and drizzled with a pink sauce and garnished with more tobiko and ikura. It was really good. You get crunch from the prawns and tons of flavour from all the ingredients. What I didn't like though was the uni which was more on the strong sea smell side then I would like. Lucky Ed liked it so I gave it to him.

Dynamite Maki ($16.80). Prawn and avocado roll with flamed-seared wagyu beef slices topped with cheese, tempura bits and spring onion. First time having beef with sushi rice. The maki on the inside was quite mushy luckily there was the tmepura bits that gave it some crunch and the sauce which provided flavour for the sushi roll. I would say this is quite a unique maki.

Aburi Selection Platter ($18.80). Amaebi foie gras, scallop with mentaiko and salmon all flamed-torched. The salmon was good with the sweet sauce drizzled on top. The scallop was meaty and went well with the slightly spicy cod roe and mayo topping and the sweet shrimp with the creamy foie gras was a good match. My favourite was the scallop followed by the amaebi and lastly the salmon.

Our creation: 8.5/10 ☺
Uni, Hamachi and Ebi Fry Bomb: 8/10 ☺
Dynamite Maki: 7/10 ☺
Aburi Selection Platter: 7/10 ☺

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ice Lab

Ice Lab is opened by a Korean comedian and has offering such as bingsu, toast and churros.

Mango Bingsu ($15.90). Milky shaved ice, banana slices, mango syrup, mango cubes and mango ice cream. I like the ice, it was really milky and fine and went well with the toppings. It's a good dessert to eat in Singapore's weather but it is a little pricy so do share with your friends.

Mango Bingsu: 7.5/10 ☺

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Tuckerbox Lunch

Went to The Tuckerbox Lunch for some cheap bara chirashi don (yummmm....)

Premium Bara Chirashi ($12.80)- Sushi rice, salmon, salmon belly, kingfish, swordfish, prawns, avocado,ikura & tobiko. It was good. Besides the sushi rice, they topped it with furikake (a dry Japanese seasoning usually sprinkled on rice) and sweet inari skin which added more flavour the the sushi rice. The sashimi was good for the price that you're paying. The only one I didn't like was the ama ebi which was not fresh. Miso soup and green tea are free, self-service. I forgot the price of the salmon sashimi as ed was the one who ordered it.

Taken from their FB page
Here is their menu although it's super hard to distinguish the words.
They also have 2 other bara chirashi on their menu and if you don't like raw food you can try other options like teriyaki chicken don.

Premium Bara Chirashi: 7.5/10 ☺

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Went to Overrun for their Chendol soft served ice cream!

The day that I went, there was only chendol flavour. Their soft serve are so popular that they only limit 2 cups per customer.

Chendol ($6). Vanilla soft serve with green jelly, desiccated coconut and gula melaka. Super yummy. The rich creamy vanilla goes so well together with the toppings. It's like a luxurious cool chendol. Really good. However, wished that it didn't melt so fast (most likely due to Sg's super hot weather).

Chendol: 8.5/10 ☺